My current studio, in snow.

I started with building wood furniture in high school, studying in Florence, Italy for a semester in college and transferring to Syracuse University for their outstanding sculpture program. The move to the Johnson Atelier foundry in Princeton, NJ just after graduating was a natural progression and lead me to experimenting with many materials, which I had started to do in college. In 1990 I left the Atelier and have worked out of my small studio at home ever since, pictured above.



I tend to change mediums, or at least add or subtract materials, every 4 to 7 years. The start of a new medium is the hardest part of creating for me, but once I explore it's boundaries and capabilities it can be very freeing! I started with resin because of it's translucency. I started with wire & rod because of the ability to draw and define space three dimensionally, and I am now experimenting with the ancient practice of chain-mail and additionally modelling animals out of a deep concern for their survival. Stay tuned.



My artwork has always been an observation of the natural world around us, and in years past has been a generally positive study of natural structures and repetitions. In the last few years, in response to the changes driven by our greedy human activities, my narrative is changing to reflect the dangerous choices we have made and the consequences of those choices.

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